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Professor Stiglitz (Nobel Laureate) Global ECONOMIST agrees with what Graham Healy says

NOTE : Prof. Stiglitz was interviewed on LATE LINE tonight 30 June 14 and basically completely re-enforced what I have been saying all the Time regarding the Global Economy, Multinational Corporations NOT PAYING TAX ie 8blillion TAX FREE I-Phone took 'off shore TAX FREE' . Summery of what I have said ever-since the 'Dumb and Dumber' Liberals have come out with a Budget of AUSTERITY for the POOR and DISABLED and in line with what Clive Palmer HAS CORRECTLY STATED : | watch the Interview on late line and I recommend you listen to this Global Economist (he actually makes crystal clear common sense) My original summery : 1) Australian's DEBT to GDP ratio is only 13 % Lowest of all OECD countries , and THERE IS NO DEBT CRISIS therefore as Clive Palmer rightly said ITS A BARE FACED LIE BY THE LIBERALS ...Total B.S. 2) I-Phone (and all other multinational corporations ) DO NOT PAY TAX in AUSTRALIA eg 8billion (TAX FREE) of i-phone as well as the others in this category all doing the same thing . As Prof. Stiglitz RIGHTLY stated , the terrorists were doing the same thing in laundering terrorism money (off Shore) in this TAX havens ....and the Governments SHUT THEM DOWN ...but the Global companies are doing the same thing ....AND ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH IT ! then Austerity is placed back on the citizens as a result. 3)Prof Stiglitz also stated the Global Economic crisis situation very clearly , that I have been stating for over 2 years now . ...........there is more , but just listen to the Professor (HE MAKES PERFECT CORRECT SENSE, in fact he will appear on Q & A next Monday 7 july 14 ..WELL WORTH WATCHING ! O YEAH because of (All of the above) what did the Professors say 'Dumb and Dumber' Liberals should be doing ?? YEP THATS RIGHT WE SHOULD BE SPENDING AND CREATING JOBS NOT CUTTING , the Government REAL TERMS BORROWING from the Federal Bank is actually NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES (when you account for inflation) so they can borrow money at BELOW ZERO % !!!!! Now I know we have a BUNCH OF IDIOTS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY FOR SURE ! Graham Healy . Prof. Joseph Stiglitz Columbia University For more information on Professor Stiglitz click here Thursday 3 July 2014 5:45pm – 7:00pm Federation Concert Hall, Hotel Grand Chancellor Nobel Laureate Professor Joseph Stiglitz is visiting Australia as the Economic Society of Australia’s Eminent Speaker for 2014 with the foundation support of the Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy

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