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Reggie Middleton (Boom Bust Blog) in his overview of whats happening with USA fed reserve bailing out central banks , in the billions of dollars NONE of which finds it way to creating JOBS ! GH

17th July 2013 Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert report on the​

pending tsunami of debt ,as the QE Quantative Easing (Unlimited printing of USD dumped on the Global market)

reaches PEAK . GDP Gross Domestic Product graph compared to the unlimited increase of debt money has not changed significantly, this means all the QE IS NOT WORKING. THE DEBT TSUNAMI is about to FLOOD back in as Inflation to the USA . China is now demanding REAL USA assets as buying US Bonds and USD is now becoming wortless 'bits of paper' as they in reality are.
The Debt Bubble will burst 2013 . GH   

12 years Old Victoria Grant on Global Banking System 
Canada , same applies all over the world , TRUTH GH


World Money System in 10 minutes by Mike Maloney 
Plus WHY and HOW it will CRASH ! GH


Michael Maloney is the founder and owner of, a global leader in gold and silver sales and one of the world's most highly regarded investment education companies since 2005. He is author of the best selling precious metals investment book of all time, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, published in 2008.I'm a paragraph.

Peter Schiff tell its like it 'really is' on the USA Economy frightening on Jobs, GDP, And The Fed - Propaganda Disguised As Information 


Robots are taking your Jobs ,True!, whats happening?

  • Expontential rate of Growth of digital

  • limited coal,oil resources

  • rising up of the level playing field in DIY Small Business


The four Hourseman about the Global Debt System about to crumble 2013

The four Hourseman about the Global Debt System about to crumble 2013

Australian Federal reserve RBA owned by Australian Government ? WRONG think again , watch Video and Learn GH

FULL animanted HISTORY of DEBT MONEY and the Pending Global USA
Currency Collapse April 2014 , Educate your self and family NOW GH

RUSSIA HAS THE POWER NOW TO CRASH THE USA PETRO DOLLAR ....a MUST LISTEN VIDEO INTERVIEW with JIM Sinclair ..........2014 the great Paradigm shift is coming GH

Best TO THE POINT summery of the pending USA/GLOBAL financial Collapse from 'the Ticker guy'

Jim Rickards author of 'Currency wars' and 'Death of Money' ......May2014
Jim is one of the Worlds greatest Authority on the Pending Currency Crash .... the great Paradigm shift is coming GH

EXCELLENT Big Picture Overview

of Global Economy 2015
by Australian Prof. steve Keen .

See Blog on FORBS magazine where Prof.Stev Keen explains how running a Government Surplus has the OPPOSITE effect on the Public (click Here)

Jan 24th 2015 Australian Prof. Steve. Keen does an overview od Global ecomnomy.
*QE has done nothing to reduce Debt its in fact INCREASED it

*Debt Jubilee refer Leviticus 25 /Ancient Sumerians .

*Einstein "on WW3 he didn't know but WW4 will be with 'sticks and stones' :)
*Dont Trust Mainstream Economists (they have got everything wrong so far) look outside the box

*Government surplus = Increased taxes to Society (best look at the Government like a state owned bank that should be their role ) quote Prof Steve Keen

EXCELLENT Big Picture Overview

of Global Economy 2016
by Australian Prof. steve Keen .
High Pressure Questions with
"SWORD versus SWORD"responces
from Prof.Keen (like 10 rounds of Financial boxing)

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