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I have posted the video "Robots are taking your Jobs" but that's Ok .

The insight to the Future is quite 'awakening' and true with the exponential growth of the technology (internet) the three insights the author gives are absolutely true :

1)Limited resources

2) Exponential Growth of technology (cannot be stopped)

3)Outsourcing and DIY do it yourself re-empowerment of small to medium business

The point is rightly made that the post-industrial revolution is over , finished and there is a great paradigm shift about to happen globally , and that is that 'Jobs' as we understand it are disappearing.

The day of 9-5pm are over , technology will Free us up to DIY in digital communities and be FREE to be Creative rather then SLAVES to the SYSTEM .

Watch the Video its a mind opener.

Graham Healy

Saturday 12 July 2013


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