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Purpose of No More Bull-S

I have created this web site as a Platform and reference point to people who have a 'informed' view on the Financial World today outside of the propargander view forced upon us by various Governments and banking Instritutions whose interests are vested and political and driven by GREED. 99% of the Population is being ripped off and defrauded in the current Global Financial Systems. All this is leading to a Global Currency Crash (I believe within the next 12 months possibly early 2014) . The next issue is who is going to save the 'so called FREE MARKET' ? I have my views on this which I will keep to another platform, but I will say this much , there is unmistakenly going to me a massive Transfer of wealth in the currency crash, from Rich to poor, and now because of the Instant global communications through the internet , no longer can the 'powers to be' defraud YOU THE GLOBAL CITIZEN with propargander and BS , but TRANSPARENT TRUTH will be apparent INSTANTANTLY ! and expose the LIES and DECEITFUL practices of the elite wealthy and corrupt few . The fact is the silent majority of GLOBAL CITIZENS are no longer 'Kept in the dark' and fed on the proverbal BS WE can access the INFORMATION INSTANTLY through the internet. I have tried to list the Pioneers of the Financial TRUTH on this web site , the 'Seers of Future events' as they navigate through all the 'SMOKE and MIRRORS' of business deception and Lies. Believe me a DAY OF RECKONING is CLOSE and I believe SMALL BUSINESS will be re-empowered and rebirthed and the TAX BURDENS REMOVED. In saying that for any system to be JUST it has to have a MORAL INTEGRITY as well , and the real root cause of what is happening today is the MORAL INTEGRITY of our current business society has been compromised seriously , I will not dig any deeper then that on this platform other then to say INTEGRITY on the INSIDE directly reflects the OUTSIDE. Graham Healy


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