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Purpose of This Site 

      The purpose of this site is to

  • Expose and Discuss the Global Financial Situations

  • Expose and Discuss what Governments are doing or not doing

  • Expose and Discuss how small to medium business will survive 

  • Promote and Discuss Leaders of Vision 

  • Promote and Discuss Global and Local Vision 

  • Look for Solutions to Global and Local Problems that actually make sense

  • Look at a system of Giving rather then taking from the comunity at Large.

Rise up Australia Party
Dick Smith

Graham Healy looks to RESULTS of any system,policy or  RULE. Bottom line is RESULTS irrespective of politics
and how is it benefiting the Global community at large.

John Adams Australian Ecnomist

We are but sheep grazing in lifes field 'unaware' of our fate,unless we have a 'good shephard' the 'wolves' out there will make a 'meal' of us.  

DISCLAIMER: I do not necessarily endorse all of the content with some of the commentators listed on this site , not all of them I necessarily agree with 100% however,in the main ,if you can read between the lines, these commentators are very much in tune with Global finances and what is happening today .

My favourite commentator and Educators are Mike Maloney, Max Keiser,Jim Rickards, Regie Middleton and of course Willam Bonzi 7's  lampoons Art.
As I say read between the Lines ,these links are posted to filter the smoke screen of FINANCIAL DECEPTION out  there that is rapidly reaching a PEAK as of 2013.

Fortunately with ready access to instant commentary and information via the internet we now have a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD and the information can no longer be COVERED UP and the Public simply fed on Corporation Propergander .
as I always say the 'TRUTH IS TRANSPARENT and LUST is FULL OF LIES'
Graham Healy 

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Rise up Australia Party
jim Rickards
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